About Us

Provider Solutions has been helping physicians create more profitable practices for over 15 years.  The company was originally started and owned by a large independent hospital to help their associated physicians.  During these 15 years the company was able to build up an exceptional level of expertise in practice management applications and billing.

In late 2002 Scott purchased the company from the hospital and it became a privately held firm under the full control of Scott Porterfield, the man responsible for its exceptional growth and expertise.  Today Provider Solutions offers the same exceptional services and prides itself on its responsive customer service and unique expertise in the industry. The company continues to be directed by Scott Porterfield.

Scott has been working in the healthcare industry for over 30 years with advanced degrees in Public Administration.  He has worked with hospitals in Cleveland and Northwest Ohio.  In Cleveland he refined his skill in patient billing by performing practice management and billing for 140 of the Pediatric Faculty and 80 pediatric residents.  After completing his tenure in Cleveland he took a position with Flower Hospital – part of the Promedica alliance – as vice president of physician services. 

During his time at Flower Hospital he developed one of the first primary care employed physician networks in the state of Ohio.  He is also responsible for implementing state of the art billing systems and NextGen software within the Promedica health system.  With his ownership and management of Provider Solutions he makes his 30 years of experience available to physicians all over the country.

He is most proud of his accomplishments in rebuilding the neighborhoods surrounding Toledo Hospital by purchasing sub-standard housing and rehabbing them for purchase at reasonable prices by the hospital’s staff of nurses, doctors, and administrators.  This action helped raise the value of housing, lower crime, keep essential personal close to the hospital and increase the prominence of Toledo Hospital as a whole.

Finally, Scott spent time working in the Peace Corp and World Health Organization (in the Smallpox Eradication Program)in Ethiopia and the Sudan.  He is married to a family practitioner. They have four children and live in Sylvania, Ohio.


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