Our Services Help You Create Higher Cash Flow and a Healthier Bottom Line

Many physicians will tell you that if they could get a better handle on their billing and collections for their practice that they could increase their profitability dramatically.  The problem is that getting control of these two items and still running an office not to mention spending quality time with patients is a near impossibility.  Until now…

We offer a full portfolio of services that will…

  • Improve Cash Flow

  • Boost Profits

  • Provide More Time with Patients

  • Eliminate Administrative Headaches

Enhanced Practice Administration and Clinical Information Systems

Provider Solutions is a premier consultant on the full suite of NextGen® Administrative and Electronic Medical Record Solutions.  Our expert team has solid experience in every aspect of both implementing and trouble-shooting the NextGen® applications.  Our installations will work correctly from the first day and will insure you get the full value and power from the application.  We can offer Client/Server and Web Based options.

  • Client/Server: We can install the application to work rapidly and reliably on your own corporate network.  We will insure the application is installed properly on your network to offer you years of dependable service and value.  We can work with your internal or external IT staff to insure a smooth and trouble free implementation.

  • Web Based: With our anywhere, anytime, access through the Internet you can save money by not having to maintain computers and servers.  Our expert personnel will insure that you can always get access and trouble free operation with a simple Internet connection and web browser.

Billing Service

Let our professional and experienced billing experts remove this headache from your practice, boost profitability, and improve cash flow for your practice today.  We carefully study your billing and collections on a continued basis and provide personal attention and service to the problem areas giving you an unprecedented level of service.


Our staff can provide new and ongoing certifications in a fast, efficient, and high quality manner to insure that you get the certifications you need when it is convenient and in a time frame that works for you.

Chart Audit

The ever-changing compliance and regulations requirements can create a massive drain on your resources that can cost you a lot of money and opens you up to risk if done improperly.  Our billing and administrative professionals are experienced and efficient at helping your staff maintain compliance.  Our staff maintains updated knowledge on the new rules and procedures to insure you are always current with lower costs and less headaches.


We have a series of educational services to make your personnel more efficient and profitable.  We can help your new billing staff with coding education seminars to help them bill faster and more accurately, which helps your practice be more profitable.  We train your staff to increase point of sale co-pays which will increase cash flow and decrease paperwork.  Finally, our talented experts are abreast of all the latest regulatory and compliance laws and can help train your staff on these ever-changing rules, which will reduce errors and minimize the risk of a violation.

We would like the opportunity to put our expertise and solid experience to work for you today.  Our services will insure that you have a more profitable and efficient practice, guaranteed.  Please call us today to learn more.

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